St Albans station 2018 singing for our supper .. and drink at The Crown after

Wildlife photo of the year winner 2018. It’s so rare to see harmonakeets flock together in such great numbers in their winter plumage.

Larks in the Parks 2018 – was hot…..

Now we’ve got some warm summery pictures for a change after the wrapped up winter ones. This at Fleetville Diaries’ garden party in June. I thought we sang very well but I was standing next to a good singer….(sorry back row..not much of you to see)

Wassailing January 2018 at Highfield Park

…………….and the 3 Tenors…….. and as the song goes….our toast it is white and our ale it is brown….don’t ask!!

and thanks for this to Keith Clilverd and maybe in the true spirt of drinking seeking out some toast after several ciders…

Us at St Saviours…Christmas 2017

St Albans City Station. A couple hours of great singing followed by a couple of hours more in The Crown. My photo a bit blurry and that’s before The Crown!

Singing in St Albans on 9th December – Sue and Gill are pleased to see their turkeys have arrived…….

….and at Christoper Place

Outside Alban Arena, 9th December 2017. Great turn out.

Singing to Parkinsons Support Group – 27 November 

The Choral Winter Fair at St Peter’s 25 November 2017. For reasons of national security – someone’s been airbrushed out………..  then off to Earthworks



The Choral Winter Fair at St Peter’s. 26 November 2016. The new alto seems a bit pleased with itself.

The tenor in the middle – that’s me – and someone reckons I spotted someone in the crowd I did not like….

Larks in the Parks – 2017. Maybe singing Here Comes the Sun – it did…

..and one of Janet’s friends did this Larks in the Parks 2017 drawing….

Earthworks in July 2017 – say aaaaaargh!!


Fleetville Festival – 2nd April 2017

6th March 2017 and this is some of us with some of the Ollie people we collected for over Christmas. We handed over a cheque for £850 to Ollie – one life lost is enough – and we hope our bit helps.

December 19th 2016, final Christmas sing at St Albans station and for over 2 hours in the evening and then off to The Crown to reward ourselves.

In the words of one famous pop star – we was fab. Who was he and what was the song??


Dec. 10th 2016 at the Clock Tower…overcast, wet, damp, double booked – no change there (and not a lot of change there either- get it?) – but we just got on with it…….. jolly well done..


The Choral Winter Fair at St Peter’s. 26 November 2016. Hey, we’re on their poster. And the new alto looks a bit pleased with itself. Followed by Earthworks as below. Always nice to sing there and thanks to Earthworks for making it fun.



Thanks from Hatfield Road Daycare who we sang to in March 2016

FD garden party 2016.1

Singing at Fleetville Diaries garden party July 2016. Only one entry for the knobbly knees contest!


Singing festive songs Christmas 2015. What a cheery bunch.

Youth Talk

We collected for Youth Talk over Christmas 2015, quite a lot if you can read the cheque – interesting charity, have a look at it.

Larks in the Parks 2011

Our first performance at Larks in the Parks – 2011. We’ve grown bit since then – no not taller –  but still need to practise!!